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Air Guard Hydroplane Championship 2010 Air Guard Hydroplane Championship 2010
SAN DIEGO H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes will return to Mission Bay September 17-19 for the Air Guard Championship presented by Degree Men. H1 Unlimited drivers will embrace the thrill of adventure, racing deck to deck at more than 200 mph during the San Diego Bayfair festival. A competitive twe... Read Full Story
Gulf Coast - 100 days after the spill Gulf Coast - 100 days after the spill
DESTIN, Fla. - Wednesday marks the 100th day since the oil spill began, and business owners across the Gulf Coast who've seen the tourists disappear hope that somehow the next 100 days will get better. The man in charge of making that happen is oil spill czar Kenneth Feinberg, the former special ... Read Full Story
Laura Dekker Forced To Stay Home Laura Dekker Forced To Stay Home
The would-be youngest solo around the globe sailor, Laura Dekker, has been stopped once again, as Dutch child protection services in the Netherlands request judges, to lengthen her supervision by 12 months. Laura says she is totally ready for her 24 month solo sail around the world. She is resolu... Read Full Story
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