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Capsizing - Techniques in Righting a Capsized Boat

Techniques in Righting a Capsized Boat Dealing with a Capsized boat generally depends on the size of the Sailboat and on what circumstances you are sailing in. Wind and wave conditions at that particular time should be taken into consideration.

Here are some Techniques in Righting a Capsized Boat:

  • Righting a Single-Hander
    In the event that the boat is about to capsize to leeward and you cannot avoid it:

    • Release the mainsheet and tiller and climb towards the opposite side.
    • Climb over the top gunwale (top edge of the side of the Hull).
    • Step over the sidedeck to reach the Daggerboard.
    • Stand on the part of the Daggerboard nearest to the Hull and hold the gunwale.
    • Pull the boat upright. Climb back to the boat as soon as it is upright again.

  • Scoop Method
    The heavier person rights the boat by standing on the part of the Centerboard nearest to the Hull to pull the boat upright. The other person is scooped aboard. His weight will prevent the boat from another Capsizing once it is upright. In this method, release the mainsheet and jib sheets in order for the Mainsail to wave loosely when the boat is upright again.

  • Walkover Method
    As the boat capsizes, you and your crew member should climb over the opposite side of the boat to reach the Centerboard. Climb back into the boat as soon as it is righted.

  • Traditional Method
    Turn the boat in such a way that the Mast is downwind or the bow is pointed into the Wind. The first person should stand on the Centerboard, while the second crew member keeps the boat into the Wind. From the Stern, the first person boards the boat and helps the other crew member onboard.

  • Righting an Inverted Boat
    The buoyancy distributed on the bottom and sides of the Hull makes a lot of Dinghies more at risk to turtle (turn completely upside down). In this situation, the Centerboard will likely to slip back into its case. When this happens, stand on the opposite gunwale and pull on a jib sheet or fixed righting line and lean out. Bring the boat to its horizontal or capsized position. Do the suitable Righting Technique to make the boat upright.

In recovering a Capsized boat, ensure that you and your crew (if you are sailing with another person) are safe at all times. Wear a Life Jacket afloat and remember to stay with or near the boat when it capsizes.

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