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Sailing Techniques - Sailing Maneuvers

In the world of Sailing, several skills and maneuvers are needed in order to keep the Sailboat moving and handle it efficiently. These include the ability to turn it to the direction that you want and the necessary skills to cope with different sea and Wind conditions.

Aside from the skills in Five Essentials for Efficient Sailing, there are other things that a beginner must know as far as techniques are talked about. Learn two important Sailing Maneuvers in the following sections:

Tacking Tacking
Tacking is an important Sailing Maneuver. It is the act of changing the direction of the Sailboat by bringing the bow into the Wind. This is a simple Sailing skill, but it is crucial to know when and how to tack properly. Know some guidelines in Tacking by reading this section.

Gybing Gybing
Proper Gybing requires precision, timing, and clear communication between the crew and helmsman. Each should know his or her roles and carry them out smoothly and quickly. Know when and how to gybe efficiently in order to keep the Sailboat balanced throughout the course of action.

Docking Docking
Docking is one Sailing Maneuver that sailors should learn, especially those who are sailing large Keelboats. There are so many things to consider in doing this maneuver. The ability to carry out the maneuver properly is a crucial component. Take a look at some guidelines in docking.

Sailboats behave in their own unique manner, so the Sailing Maneuvers afloat may or may not lead to the results that you expected. It is crucial to know the features of your boat and how it reacts to certain instances. Perform the skill/s required in a particular situation. Moreover, several factors can affect your actions such as Wind conditions and improper way of doing the techniques.

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