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Getting Started - Sailing Principles

Novices need to know some important fundamental principles in the world of Sailing. Knowing these principles will greatly help you in understanding the different aspects of Sailing.

In the following sections, know and understand the various basic principles related to Sailing:

How Sails Work How Sails Work
Knowing how the Sailboat moves will greatly help you when learning to sail. Knowing the basics of how they work makes Sailing much safer and more enjoyable. Take a look at some important skills and guidelines related to Sails and how they drive the Sailboat.

Points of Sailing Points of Sailing
Knowing the direction from which the wind is blowing is one of the basics of Sailing. It takes some practice to know these points. Know what the different points of sailing are and learn the Sailboat courses in relation to the direction of the Wind.

Effects of Tides in Sailing Effects of Tides in Sailing
In Sailing, knowing the different aspects of Tides such as how high it is and the course of the Tidal stream is important for safe and effective Navigation. Make sure you know how to deal with different conditions before sailing.

Every beginner has to learn first the theoretical aspect of Sailing before proceeding with the sport. Remember that before you can fully understand the aspects of Sailing, you first have to learn the basic principles. The Sailing Principles will come in handy when you have set your sail and you are already on course.

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